The Netball Awards 2018/19

The first of February 2019 - a night to remember! As again hosted by 2 lovely ladies.. Sally Ann of team Thunder and Michelle of team Storm. Our England Rose Sasha Corbin (lovely lass) and ohh that ride - brilliant.. And the Magna was was all very fabulous.. We all had a fantastic time..Netballers know how to partyyyy..

The 2019 The League Award Winners are,

The League - Criteria for The Team of the Year Award. For the teams who have gone from strength to strength, showing determination, having a positive outlook and demonstrating excellent teamwork.

This ethos runs through The League in spades. Sportsmanship is key and this team has it. They are positive and determined but caring on court. They love the game, they want to win (and do) but want to enjoy their Netball as well..sometimes we forget to have a good time.. This team has a good time and a great team spirit and it shows. This team is Abbey Allstars.

The League criteria for Player of the Year Award.

For the player who has been key to their team, standing out as a skillful netball player, showing talent on court and being an advocate for our sport.

The winner of this amazing award is quietly competitive, a seriously skilled Netball grafter, a credit to her team and Netball in general. She also keeps winning lots of Player of the Season Awards. The girl who can, will and does isss Vikki Village of Team Shooters.

The Inspirational Keisha Ferrigon Award

This years winners are an old team! They have been together a long time and continue to play at a goood standard. They have been around, seen it and done it. This also means in the changing world of Netball that they have adjusted and adapted. They are efficient and well organised and go quietly about their business. They join in with all things netball, tournaments and other leagues, which shows their love and passion for our great game. The Inspirational Keisha Award for 2019 goes to the very fabulous..Team DHL.

The Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award.

The winners for this year are a great set of girls who ‘bring it’ We all know when we have played them, theyare competitive with great visible sportsmanship. They have been together a long time and have a great team spirit, a great netball attitude and are very good at what they do. They were also part of Cath’s era and knew her well. Cath would be thrilled to bits to give this award to Team Jesters. She knew and loved the whole team and like us, can see the Jesters ‘Spirit of Netball’

Umpire of the Year Award 2018/19.

We at The League have a feeling the winner of this award may be a certain Mrs Barbara Needham.

A few words from us..

Barbara is a 'Glass of Glitter' (her saying) She is the fairest, most hard working, intelligent and caring umpire (and person) but the best bit is she brings brilliant umpiring, fun, zanyness and crackpotness to her games. Who could ask for more. .She has had a bugger of a year..but who would know? She carried on regardless, she looked after us!! Barbara has the esscence of netball going on..She is the special one, she is without doubt, as voted by all - The Umpire of the Year.


The 2017 Netball Awards as presented by Michelle from team Storm and Sally Ann of team Sheffield Thunder at the magnificent Magna on Friday the 26th of January was an amazing event. What a night! what an event! Sheffield is the hub of Netball..the Netball centre of the worlddd..On Friday the 26th of January, Michelle of Team Storm and Sally Ann of Team Sheffield Thunder put the most fantastic Netball Award Ceremony together for all of us and also made £1500 for The Special Olympics charity to go towards funding a Netball fantastic is that..we thank you did us proud. The League Nominations were Team Of the Year 2017 Abbey Allstars, Team Opposition, Hallam Hustlers and Maltby Netball Club. The Winners are Maltby Netball Club. Maltby Netball is very up and coming, they have a total of 5 teams across the Sheffield Leagues. They offer training constantly inviting new people and as such introducing folks to our great game with an organised and efficient manner. They are a credit to Netball in our area. - Huge congratulations ladies. Player of the Year Nominations 2017 Katie Dutoy of Team Players, Jessica Vaughn of Team Dynamites, Ellie McGurk of Team Sheffield Thunder and Linda Wood of Team Hallam Hustlers. The Winner of this huge accolade is the very marvellous Linda Wood, she was called a 'glass of glitter' by umpire Barbara. If you would like to see someone enjoying netball to its fullest - please come and watch Linda! Not only is she an amaazing netballer, she is kind and soo supportive to everyone on court. Linda is again a credit to our sport. The Inspirational Keisha Award 2017 This award is a very special award to The League and has its own write up in the Awards Tab. The winners for 2017 are the Mighty Team Pumas who have the greatest of netball attitudes and sportsmanship. A great set of girls who quietly go about their netball business. Massive congratulations ladies. The Cath Askwith Award 2017 This one is for you Cath..again this award has its own write up in the AwardsTab. The most deserving of winners and Cath would have been sooo pleased - the most amaazing netballer and fantastic umpire who looks after all of us - Mrs Lesley Athorn - Mico. THE League Monday Night Netball Nominations for Player and Team of the Year 2015 are

Team of the Year

Dynamix, Tigers and Silver Bullets and the Winners are - TEAM TIGERS

Team Tigers run as a Club following on from the Sheffield Tigers Rugby Club. They have Team Tigers storming thru the divisions - promoted every season and are now about to start in La Liga. Tiger Cubs have just joined Division 6 and Tigers Captain Crystal is about to start youth netball training and coaching. The club offers training to all on a weekly basis. They have a high level of sportsmanship combined with a competitive spirit and a great attitude to others and the Umpires. They are very worthy winners of The Team of the Year Award.

Player of the Year

Devon Burley, Linda Wood and Yasmin Vines and the Winner is YASMIN TARZAN VINES.

Yasmin is a hugely talented player with a fantastic attitude on court. She has made the position of GK 'sexy' and suddenly very noticeable. She is highly competitive but kind and courteous on court - this could be due to the fact that she is also an excellent umpire. Yasmin is an asset to her team and role model for our great game. Huge Congratulations to Tarzan.

THE League Mixed Netball Player of the Year

Jason Carr, Dean Ridge and Conrad Foster and The Winners is...Mr Jason Carr

Jason has been involved on the sidelines watching netball for a few years now supporting Philly Foxes. He then got involved at our Mixed Tournaments and has moved into The Mixed League...he is now a force to be reckoned with and you can visibly see he has developed the netball 'bug'. He has a fantastic attitude on (and off) court, competitive with a high level of sportsmanship. He is an asset to his team and a very worthy winner of our first Mixed player of the Year Award

The League Inspirational Keisha Ferrigon Award for 2015 Winners are PARKSIDE PANTHERS (now team Storm)

Very well deserved and HUGE congratulations ladies...The Criteria for this Award Is in the Awards Tab.

Following on from last years brilliant Netball Awards Evening - here we go.. Annual Netball Awards 2015 Date: - Friday 9th October Venue: - Double Tree by Hilton, Meadowhead Sheffield For further information please contact the organisers Many thanks, Event Organisers, Lesley, Kate, Michele & Janice x Email: The only way IS netball!! Play it, Love it, Celebrate it......

Very many congratulations to our first winners given out at The Netball Dinner on Friday 11th of July 2014 It was a brilliant night and we hope the first of many as organised by Kate Stephenson who has the title of 'Chair of Inspiring Women' on behalf of The Chamber of Commerce - how good is that... The criteria The Team of the Year Award is based on - is - for the team who has gone from strength to strength, showing determination, having a positive outlook and demonstrating excellent teamwork. Philly Foxes have developed over the seasons and have gone from strength to strength. They now have 2 teams, one in La Liga and one in Division 5 - they support each other as a group which is brilliant to see. The Player of the Year criteria is - for the person who has been key to their team, standing out as a skillful netball player, showing talent on court and being an advocate for our sport - Gemma Turner née Vickers of Stardust is a fab player with a great attitude and is an asset to our beautiful game. Hallam Globe Trotters - are the very deserving winners of The Inspirational Keisha Award - the criteria for this award is in the awards tab....

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