The Chesterfield League News

Wow, what a whirlwind of a Winter Season! This season has brought some of the closest competition to date, where teams are becoming stronger and more fierce with each game! In Division 1, the race for the title started from the get go, all teams raring and up for the challenge. Brampton, GK and Jesters were all in the running, but Calow and Warriors remained undefiable and bold. Their netball skill and determination kept them on top, with Warriors snatching the undefeated title, propelling them into the top spot and becoming The Champions, with Calow assured as Runners Up. Throughout the race for the top, a battle against relegation arose. Only 5 points seperated 3 teams, and Harthillies, Dronfield and Hawks paused with a nailbiting final game. Harthillies' 1 goal win over Underdogs ensured they remained safe, knocking Hawks into the relegation zone with our ladies from Donny - The Underdogs. We happily welcome both teams back into Division 2 :)

In Division 2, it was a season to build, grow and progress. Where we saw some of our newer B2N teams strive within the competitve atmosphere, coupled with newly developed squads coming into their own. GKA came, saw and concured securing an undefeated record, thrusting themselves into pole position. Hot on their heals, and swooping into Runners Up were our high-flying, hotshots - Pheonix Ladies, who are ready to rise from the ashes in Division 1. A cracking season for all, and I hope all are eager to smash it in the new season!

The highly prestigious Player of the Season Awards!

Division 1, Chloe Taylor of The Hawks with a record breaking 7 nominations in one season! Chloe is known for her clean interceptions and her natural and effortless style of play. She is a cracking player in attack and defence, and plays with such flair and positivity. 

Division 2, Beth Sergason of newly formed Goals Aloud. Another gem of a player, and very skilful with her style. Attaining 6 nominations for her outstanding performances!

What a fantastic season ladies and here’s to another; life, love, netball <3

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