The Chesterfield League News

Here, here to what can only be described as a thrilling fight for the top spot in the highly contested Chesterfield Sunmer 2018 Season! Both divisions had stings in their tails and twists in their drills until the nail biting finish.

Division 1 was slam dunked by the Calow Ladies, returning to claim the title and doing so in style. With a fabulous relationship on court, these girls will be definitely unwilling to relinquish that title this season. The merciless Warriors not far from their sights, swooping into Runners Up with an extremely tight goal difference and a thirst for the title remaining. Due to lots of interest, all teams remained with no relegations, so the fight continues, and Division 1 welcomes 10 teams once again.

Division 2 went unsettled until the very last game. With Dronfield, Phoenix and Underdogs all in the running for promotion. The cracking ladies from Dronfiled stormed the season, owning the top sport and reigning as Champions once again. Our Doncaster ladies - The Underdogs, put their name aside and rose to the challenge coming out on top, taking the undefeated title from Dronfield Ladies and at the same time thrusting themselves into Runners Up position! Wow, what a last game of the season that was! Both teams are happily welcomed back into Division 1.

The highly prestigious Player of the Season Awards!

Division 1

Traci Watts of Brampton with a record breaking 7 nominations in one season! Traci is well know for her outrageous hot shots, with team mates heard shouting ‘sink it Trace’ as she shoots from the circle edge! Cracking player and very well deserved!

Division 2

Melissa Riley of newly formed Fusion. Another gem of a player, with a brilliantly inclusive vibe, not only soaring with her own flare, but positively developing the flare of others :) A true netball advocater!

What a fantastic season ladies and here’s to another; life, love, netball <3

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