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Another cracking season with a lovely blooming bunch of netballers!

Chesterfield Summer 2019 Season of netball has been a blast!

In Division 1 we have had our usual duo fighting for the hot shot spot, Calow and Warriors. However, teams such as, Dronfield and GK have too found their place and made their mark this season. Yet still the unrelenting go-getters remain the ‘mighty-Warriors’ and champion Division 1 again, with Calow taking the Runners Up position (but maybe not for long?).

In Division 2 the Hawks swung it in style, undefeated throughout with a swift return back into Div 1 (where they obviously belong). However, it was harder to decipher whom lay in their path, who would be the courageous Runners Up? Would it be Underdogs, Fusion or would it be the firecrackers in red - Hartbillies?
Hartbillies smashed it with their raw enthusiasm and passion for the game, discipline and hard work really does pay off :) A massive congratulations and welcome into Division 1.

The Prestigious Player of the Season Awards

Division 1 POS - Traci Watts of Brampton - Congratulations
Wow, with a whopping 7 nominations, what a truly super shooting, hot shotting, drop dodging player she is. Player of the season TWO seasons in a row because you can’t help but notice how talented she is.

Division 2 POS - Lauren Raynor of Goals Aloud - Congratulations
Again an icredible 7 nominations, someone who is booming and blossoming game by game! Not going unnoticed by umpires and players alike, for her vision and skill on the court.

Finally, a massive welcome to Pirates and Revels for the new Chesterfield Autumn 2019 Season.

Love, Live, Dream Netball <3

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