Pool List Rules and Regulations

2.1 Single players who are not registered to a specific team may register as a pool player.  Please contact The Face book group - Sheffield Netball Clique to be added.

Play Up players remain registered to their original team.

2.2 Pool players must play in the Divisions relevant to their ability. *(please see below) For example a Division 1 standard player should not be playing in the lower divisions. The umpires will monitor this aiming to maintain fairness to all teams. Regional players play/play up into Division La Liga only unless they are registered to a team.

*To Clarify

La Liga Division 1 and 2

Division 3 4 and 5

Division 5 6 and 7

Division 6 players can ‘play down’ into division 7 a maximum of 4 times per one team per season

2.3 Pool players must be present for a match at start of play.  Should a pool player arrive early for a match, they may not be used as a substitute or an additional player for other teams already on court.  Pool players can play more than one match per night as long as this has been pre-arranged with the appropriate team captain’s. (If, on the night of play a Pool player is on site and you need a Pool player you can ask the co-coordinator to approach the pool player to play for your team prior to the start of your game)

2.4 If on the rare occasion a team goes down to 6 players or below due to injury and a Pool player is on site, with both Team Captains agreement the pool player can step into the injured player’s position for the remainder of the match.

2.5    Should a pool player decide to register for a team - please inform Janice so your team sheet can be updated accordingly.

2.6    A pool/play up player can play for any one team a maximum of 4 times during a season.

2.7    Pool players are to make themselves known to the umpire / coordinator before the start of each match that they play and complete the sign in sheet available at each venue.

As above for Play Up Players- can Captains ensure this please.

2.8   Pool players / play up players are not to be booked if you have a full squad which consists of a starting 7. They are to be used ONLY if you are short – to make your team up to 7. The penalty for not adhering to the rules is a match loss score of 15-0 and the normal match fees for the offending team will apply.

The Play Up Players are to be used as well as the pool players not instead of.

2.9 If, at the start of the match more than 7 players including the booked pool player arrive, your match starting 7 including the booked pool player stays on for the full match.

If you have a starting 7 as well as the Play Up Player - you do not use the Play Up Player.  

Play Up players play for their registered team not other teams instead of.



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